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Guest Testimonials

Oddly and marvelously UNIQUE! Lauren B. May, 2022

This is NOT just another opulent historic home tour with tired period decor. (Much of the period decor has been recently acquired or newly custom made based on historical clues as to what was there before) .AND, it's an OCTAGON house! The uniqueness and challenges of living and decorating a home with odd shaped rooms is worth seeing, but especially inhabiting. The octagon is fetishized inside, used religiously throughout along with other unique collections of objects used repeatedly (no spoiler here!) ...making for a fun "scavenger hunt" for these shapes and objects as you go from room to room. This is a unique opportunity and experience!

– TripAdvisor
Armour-Stiner Octagon House is a MUST SEE Robert S. Spring 2023

Restoration of this Victorian masterpiece by the architect Joseph Lombardi (he occasionally resides in the home) is a unique accomplishment of devotion and expertise -- the finest I have ever visited. The tour guide provided exceptional detailed analysis of restoration decisions, from the choice of the wall decorations to the especially commissioned carpet designs. The Egyptian Room alone is worth the price of admission, and the tranquil grounds and wrap-around porch, all contribute to an immersive historical and unique experience. The Armour-Stiner Octagon Houses is a MUST SEE!

– TripAdvisor
A Hidden Treasure! July 2022

We have visited this area several times in the past, but never knew about this house..... it's quite unique and very interesting to tour. Our tour guide showed us both the beautiful greenhouse & gorgeous grounds of the home before we ventured inside it. The Armour-Stiner Octagon House is her favorite historical home in the area and her knowledge of/enthusiasm about it was quite obvious. We really enjoyed all the information she conveyed to us throughout our entire one-hour tour. Such a fabulous house with those amazing triangular rooms! We were able to enter most of the rooms and, although we weren't able to go up into the dome, we were able to view it from the second floor hallway......unbelievable! Tours are given on a very limited basis and advance ticketing for the tour is recommended. This is one tour that you don't want to miss!

– LivinglifeinPA, TripAdvisor
Jewel of a House Kathleen Reckling, July 2023

The Armour-Stiner Octagon House is a jewel that offers important insight into the history of domestic architecture and design. The tours are informative and engaging. Each visit offers new insights into 19th century America. There are stairs, so those who need assistance be prepared.

– Google
One of a Kind David Maldonado, 2020

This truly one of a kind home is Amazing. Dates back to civil war era and is historically consistent. From paint, furniture to silverware, the home harks back to an era long past but never forgotten. It is a home, families live in the home and grounds. My rainy day visit was so enjoyable. Sunny weather or snow this home is worth visiting. There is even The Lady in White, who appears in scent or as a cold breeze. The tour guides were passionate and informative taking questions and making sure you have a great visit. A must for lovers of old and decedent.

– Google
First Class Tour Francis McInerney, December 2022

We've toured lots of places around the world, but this tour was exceptional. Our guide, Kateri Scott-MacDonald, knew her stuff and taught us a lot from the engineering of the Octagon to its decoration. It wasn't a lecture; it was a conversation. And she engaged us all. Also, Kateri was very interested in what we brought up and took notes for future tours. Like the oddity of a Stromberg-Carlson phone in what was Bell System (Western Electric ) territory. It was fascinating to learn so much about the cultural strains of the owners over generations and what this meant for seasonal decoration. Few people we've met know the origins of Sinterklaas, let alone that of St. Nicholas (we toured his church in Turkey).

– TripAdvisor